Cranio Sacral Body Work

Treatment 60 min session 80$ & package 4 treatments ones a week 290$


With a subtle adjustment of rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid, you’ll feel a deep sense of calm.


In 1899 Dr. Sutherland was struck by an insight that there is an innate pulsation that resonates through our being and has life sustaining potency, or we can say that at the deep level, our whole being subtly “breathes” with the motion of life – a phenomenon that produces rhythmic movements, he called this innate pulsation as Primary Respiration and its life sustaining quality as “Breath of Life”.  He spent fifty years in working out the details of relationship between mechanism of Primary Respiration and its potency for health and transformation. Traditionally CSW focuses on Craniosacral system that is composed of the cranium bones that make up the human head, the vertebra and sacrum, the brain, the central nervous system, the system of membranes inside the cranium and spinal column, and the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).


Has proven to be a powerful modality in helping with chronic pain. CSW uses whole person approach through fascia, central nervous systems, fluids and vital-force called “Breath-of-Life”. CSW can help in resolving stress patterns contributing to chronic pain, such as musculoskeletal imbalance, trigger points, myofascial dysfunction, chronic fatigue, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, stress, anxiety, and sleep difficulties. Research shows that CSW to be specifically effective and safe in reducing neck pain intensity and may improve the functional disability and the quality of life up to three months after the intervention. Particularly in chronic and recurrent neck pain, CST may be a worthwhile treatment option in addition to standard medical care (1). Cranio Sacral treatment had a favorable effect on autonomic nervous activity. Heart rate variability and the influence of craniosacral therapy on autonomous nervous system regulation in persons with subjective discomforts (2). In another research, ten sessions of craniosacral therapy resulted in a statistically greater improvement in pain intensity, hemoglobin oxygen saturation, systolic blood pressure, serum potassium, and magnesium level than did 10 sessions of classic massage in patients with low back pain (3).