Signature massage treatment “King’s Relaxation”

Signature massage 60 min 85$ session; 90 min 120$.

Standard package of 8 sessions 60 min 2 times a week 560$.

Premium Package of 10 Sessions 90 min for $900.

Signature massage treatment

Our 60 or 90 min signature massage creates carefree comfort and is the ultimate relaxation experience. This Swedish and Lomi Lomi style massage is a wonderful combination of smooth, flowing massage strokes to ensure your complete relaxation from head to toe.

Adding lymph support and acupressure along main body tissue and channels. Aromatherapy oil with lavender.

Who should experience this massage: Anyone needing stress management, body, mind and spirit relaxation, energy restoration, balance and rejuvenation.

Not recommended for: Anyone experiencing a fever, open skin sores or any allergies to lavendar or nut oils.

List of treatment supplies: All white set of linens, 1 bath towel, 4 small towels. Lavender essential oil and massage oil, relaxing piano music.